The Value of Journey and Impact Camps

Everything that happens at Journey and Impact Camps is centered on sharing the Gospel with children and youth that don’t know Him as Savior and helping others grow in their faith. Campers will also learn how to share the gospel with their friends and family.

The schedule for both camps includes:

• Vibrant, engaging, and transformational worship
• Age appropriate gospel presentations
• Adult led Bible study
• Missions education and involvement

Recognizing that the youth and children only come to camp for a week, but spend the rest of the year with their church group, Journey and Impact Camps work to build up the church group so they have better relationships and commitment to be there for each other during the year.

This happens through:

• Church group meetings every night
• Special training for church and youth group leaders every day
• Opportunities created to engage adults with youth and children

Youth and children come to Journey and Impact camps to have fun. The camps offer a wide variety of activities, ensuring that every child will have an enjoyable experience. There are individual and competitive activities.  The emphasis is on everyone having fun and growing in confidence.

Activities include but are not limited to:

• Swimming
• Kayaking
• Archery
• Tubing
• Paintball
• Rope Courses
• Climbing Wall
• Zip Lines
• Hiking

The safety of the children coming to Journey and Impact Camps is taken very seriously. Staff and adults are trained in how to work with and care for minors. Every adult has completed a criminal background screening or is intentionally kept separate from the children during their time on campus. Linden Valley and Carson Springs have security and emergency plans to deal with almost any situation that may arise.

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